Working With IBM!

Thanks to the great volunteers from IBM who worked with the interns in the garden on Saturday, June 18. It was a beautiful day, cool and sunny, and we all worked hard.

And we accomplished a lot! We finished filling the new beds and put down wood chips over the landscape cloth. When we were finished, all the wood chips and all but one of the piles of soil were DONE! GONE! OVER WITH!

We planted two of the new beds with plants from Franz at Weber Green House. Franz has donated all the plants we have used so far in our beds. Thanks Franz! We also buried ollas in our new beds, so we won’t have to worry so much about watering them.

We also wrote in our journals today.

Here are some of the comments:

Devin – Today was a good day! We finished two piles today one dirt and one wood chip pile. Of course we couldn’t have completed this today without the help of our handy volunteers from IBM.

Marquez – We had big help from IBM workers and that was the best part to me was working with them they were a big help.

Charmaine – Today was the best day at work.  I really enjoyed working with IBM here helping out. And I learned that working together as a team makes things go faster.

Hydia – Today we finished filling up the beds and put all the wood chips. I also planted 3 plants in the new beds. Last but not least we made reflectors for the tomato plants.

Delondric – I was sick all week, but work gave me something to look forward to!

Quotisha – We worked with some IBM (International Business Machines).  We also used great team work where we filled the whole ground with wood chips.



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The Chilly Spring of 2011


SATURDAY, JUNE 11 was a cooler Saturday, after last week’s hard work in the heat. The interns had a list of garden beds to work on. The beds needed to have weeds removed and soil added to top them off.

We also finished building the raised beds and placing them on landscape cloth. Our final task of the day was to finish planting the “long bed” set aside for the interns this year.

We planted onion sets, and learned to “set” the onion bulbs into the trenches that we dug. We transplanted some broccoli plants that were donated by one of the gardeners. It was important to water those plants after we put them in, because they were quite large and seemed to suffer from “transplant shock.” However, they looked like they were going to make it just fine.

We planted carrots, and learned that you had to cover the seeds with only a little very fine soil, since the seeds are very small and hard to grow.

We also planted spinach and chard, and transplanted collards, lettuce and tomatoes. We filled our ollas and watered in the new plants.

Then we ate lunch and picked up all the tools and put them away. Miss Jan noticed that we stacked the shovels and rakes very neatly and did a good job picking up litter in the park around the garden.

We’re ready for next Saturday! See you in the garden.



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Internship Program – June 4, 2011

Saturday, June 4 was one of those hot and steamy days. It was the second day of the Internship Program, and they worked hard!

They helped cut wood and build raised beds, then placed them in the garden and filled them with soil. They also worked at topping off some of the beds we had missed earlier. They rounded out the day by placing ollas in their “long bed” and planting some tomatoes and lettuce. More planting is scheduled for next week. We’re hoping for weather that’s a little bit cooler!





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First Intern Day At Kilbourn Community Garden


Welcome to the new interns!

The 2011 class of Kilbourn Park Community Garden interns had their first morning in the garden on Saturday, May 28. Nine interns, one Young Farmer and two project co-directors were in the garden from 9AM to Noon.

We concentrated on weeding some of the beds, topping them off with soil, and putting down wood chips. We also helped plant a new garden bed, and learned about sprouting techniques. We learned which plants like sun and which like shade, and which use a lot of water. We buried a garden olla and learned how ollas are used to irrigate the soil.

We also had lunch. Thanks to Theresa and Jack Kenney for all their help putting together a great lunch, and to the gardeners who came for the pot luck and brought additional food for the table.

Intern Feedback
After lunch we put away our equipment and spent a few minutes writing in our garden journals.

Here are some of the comments from the journals.

  • Quotisha – I learned how to pull up weeds the right way and also how to transport plants into another bed.
  • Devin – I learned how to plant lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes and beats.
  • Malcolm – We learned that tomatoes are thursty plants.  I did not like how my job kept changing before I was done.
  • Charmaine – Today I learned that raking wood chips hurts your arm.
  • Marquez – I did not like that we did not start beds.
  • Delondric – I hope the season goes by slowly so that I can embrace the program.

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Welcome to “Intern Central”

Welcome to the blog that’s all about the Intern Program at Kilbourn Park Community Garden. Visit often to view the latest news about the internship program, views from the interns and directors, and photos of our fun group this summer.

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